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Maham Khan Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

I am extremely blessed to be able to learn from such an educated and passionate teacher who continues to put his students first. Without Sly’s guidance I would not have been able to preform as well at school and highlight my understanding of concepts both on tests and in the classroom. Thank you everything you do!

Alina Shaikh AP Calculus AB, Grade 12, ASD

The classes with Sly were very fun and informative, I learnt a lot during my time at Num8ers.

Oscar Alvarado AP Calculus AB, Grade 12, ASD

Overall an amazing experience. Sly always looked out for his students’ best interest and did not waste a second of our class time. I believe I can speak for most other students when I say I learned more in this course in a month than I would have learned in my regular class in a year. Lessons were engaging and challenging, but the experience was never unpleasant. Sly always took the time to be our friend as well as our teacher and you do not see that every day.

    Selina Dabbagh Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

    Numbers is amazing everyone there is so kind. Sly is the best teacher for Math, I only understand from Sly. I genuinely want to go and learn from him and that's rare. Michelle is so nice and is very welcoming.

    William Shehadi Advanced Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

    I really enjoy going to Numbers. I learn so much and I have a lot of fun. For the past few years, I've been getting support from them for math. Since going to Numbers my grades have improved a lot. Sly in particular is one of the nicest teacher I've ever met. He’s welcoming, funny, caring and by far my all time favorite. He’s taught me so much throughout the years and I would love to continue with him next year.

    Ahmad Zoya AP Calculus AB, Grade 11, ASD

    Having attended Numbers for over 2 years now, it has always been an amazing experience, learning with Sly. He basically knows everything and will always guarantee that you will understand the topic. Before going to Sly I was doing ok in math classes, but after starting with him, I have been getting straight As.

      Niki Zouzoulas Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

      Sly is a great teacher who explains patiently and clearly. He has many resources that are helpful for practice and mirror the problems on the actual test. Coming to class every week has helped me improve my confidence as well as my grades.

      Karma Saqfelhait Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

      I only started being tutored at Numbers with Sly a few months ago, but I can say that it is the best experience I have ever had with math tutoring. From struggling in my class with a low grade to moving up to an A, Sly and Numbers have really helped me build my confidence and abilities in math while also providing me with all the necessary tools and resources to facilitate that. I am really happy with my progress and am excited to continue with Numbers next year.

      Daniel Walsh Algebra 2, Grade 9, ASD

      It has definitely helped me a lot since I have joined numbers and I am very happy.

        Marc Hemaya Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

        This place is the reason why I have A's!! Without Sly, I would be getting such bad grades. He helps me whenever I need him and answers all my questions. He knows how to make me understand a lesson. World's best tutor, no doubt.

        Jasraj sahni Pre Calculus, Grade 10, ASD

        Sly is the best teacher, I wouldn’t have an A without him.

        Stephanie Zaatari Geometry, Grade 9, ASD

        I love numbers and it helps me so much

          Anika Bhaskaran Advanced Algebra 2, Grade 10, ASD

          I love Numbers! It’s honestly one of the only reasons I feel confident with every unit of math. The teachers are amazing and only want the best for the students.

          Zaina Masood Advanced Algebra 2, Grade 10, ASD

          After going to Numbers for the past year I really feel so much more confident in my class especially because they know our curriculum very well. I feel so much more prepared knowing what to study for and learning different methods to solve problems that I’m not taught at school. Going to numbers doesn’t feel like a chore but I actually enjoy it because it’s a fun environment which makes math way less stressful as well!!

          Zayan Rawji Algebra 2 & Geometry, Grade 10, ASD

          Before I came to Sly & Mavish I was lost in class but then after attending numerous classes, I started to understand the topic extremely well and realized it was not that complicated at all. They helped me not only understand these topics, but learn how I can use these skills in the real world.

            Mariam Shaker Pre Calculus, Grade 11, ASD

            I’ve been with Numbers Institute for over 6 years now - To me, it is more than just a tutoring institution for math, it’s family. Everyone who is part of this company, is committed to ensuring that each student receives quality service. To start, their resources are unmatched - everything is up to date with our curriculum and extra recourses are always provided. The teachers are exceedingly patient with students and constantly tailor their teaching style to benefit the student in front of them. I can attest that I have greatly benefited from Numbers. I went from an unconfident student who hated math and was about to fail. Now, I’m extremely confident in my math skills, even so that I won the math award at my school. This confidence and my success in math is all thanks to Numbers Institute.

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