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Student Testimonials

We recognize that the culture, attitude, and environment is what transforms an unmotivated into a motivated student.

I am extremely blessed to be able to learn from such an educated and passionate teacher who continues to put his students first. Without Sly’s guidance I would not have been able to perform as well at school and highlight my understanding of concepts both on tests and in the classroom. Thank you for everything you do!
Maham Khan
Overall an amazing experience. Sly always looked out for his students’ best interest and did not waste a second of our class time. I believe I can speak for most other students when I say I learned more in this course in a month than I would have learned in my regular class in a year. Lessons were engaging and challenging, but the experience was never unpleasant. Sly always took the time to be our friend as well as our teacher and you do not see that every day.
Oscar Alvarado
I really enjoy going to Numbers. I learn so much and I have a lot of fun. For the past few years, I've been getting support from them for math. Since going to Numbers my grades have improved a lot. Sly in particular is one of the nicest teachers I've ever met. He’s welcoming, funny, caring and by far my all time favorite. He’s taught me so much throughout the years and I would love to continue with him next year.
William Shehadi

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

“Malcolm X”