Our students are our biggest advocates.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Aim for the stars so you can reach the moon

At NUM8ERS, we ensure to use simple and easy to comprehend words, explanations and methods to solve the problems or answer questions so everything the student is looking at or reading makes sense.  Students who come to us enjoy a transformative learning experience and are able to tell right away that they have come to the right place to gain the knowledge they could not obtain anywhere else. Over the years we have helped thousands of students move from an F level to an A level grades. Our reputation supersedes and this is why we are always in demand and our class rooms are always full.


Math is not about memorizing, its about comprehending what you are looking at. At numbers we not only teach you how to solve a problem , we teach you the secret methods to understanding what you are looking at.

  • 100% of students  report an improvement in their child’s math.


“My child loves to attend Numb8ers; he/she use to get very frustrated just talking about math before. Now my child  feels more confident about his/her ability and relaxed about the subject.” — NUM8ERS Parent

  • 99% of parents report improved students approach toward math after attending NUM8ERS.**

Curriculum Progress

“NUM8ERS has not only helped in math, it’s helped in all her subjects. All of Kailee’s grades have improved. She made honor roll for the first time since pre-K this year.”

  • 100% of students saw improvement in their school grades.

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