Limits and Continuity

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Topic 1.1

Introducing Calculus: Can Change Occur at an Instant?

Topic 1.2

Defining Limits and Using Limit Notation

Topic 1.3

Estimating Limit Values from Graphs

Topic 1.4

Estimating Limit Values from Tables

Topic 1.5

Determining Limits Using Algebraic Properties of Limits

Topic 1.6

Determining Limits Using Algebraic Manipulation

Topic 1.7

Selecting Procedures for Determining Limits

Topic 1.8

Determining Limits Using the Squeeze Theorem

Topic 1.9

Connecting Multiple Representations of Limits

Topic 1.10

Exploring Types of Discontinuities

Topic 1.11

Defining Continuity at a Point

Topic 1.12

Confirming Continuity over an Interval

Topic 1.13

Removing Discontinuities

Topic 1.14

Connecting Infinite Limits and Vertical Asymptotes

Topic 1.15

Connecting Limits at Infinity and Horizontal Asymptotes

Topic 1.16

Working with the Intermediate Value Theorem (IVT)