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We strive to improve the overall return on investment in education by helping students learn more in less time and at a lower cost.

Our Vision

We aim to be the educational world’s most student centric company. Our vision is to continually raise the bar of the student experience by using the internet and technology to help students find, discover and learn anything and everything they are looking for to maximize their success.

At NUM8ERS Learning Centers, we get it. We know what many failed to understand and address, is that not all students are alike, we all learn in a different ways. No student should feel inferior and that he/she is not capable of learning. At NUM8ERS will ensure that your child will advance by leaps and bounds, help them leap ahead because we know and believe that any child can be successful when they get the help they need, as the saying goes” it is not what you say, it is how you say it. At Num8ers, we know how to teach it.

Our tutors are handpicked, they are extremely talented and have in-depth knowledge of the subjects they are teaching. They go under rigorous interview process to ensure they possess the methods of passing the knowledge that your child needs.

No matter how difficult the questions of the formula is, we have the expertise to solve it and ensure that your child understand what he/she is looking at and learn how to solve it with ease the next time they come across such a question or formulae.

Each student comes to us with certain level of knowledge and understanding, we will work with each student to ensure that they obtain and expand their subject skills. Your child may be unmotivated to study for a number of reasons. We have the expertise to finding the root of the problem and will help you and your child develop a plan to overcome the barriers that are preventing him or her from doing well on their exams.


Sly Ismail


President & Chief Executive Officer


SLY commits the company to fulfill its mission – “always put students first” – by not only helping them succeed but also by helping them thrive. Under SLY’s direction, NUM8ERS has become the always-on, trusted, and affordable source of knowledge, guidance, and inspiration, helping learners achieve their educational and career goals.


President & Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer




Admin & Counselor





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